Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Previously on Little Dog Lane..

Nice big speed boat Ferry!

Boarded the ferry to MACAU!

*Macau, we come in peace*

The ferry is very cosy and comforting. The interior of the ferry is better than what I expected.

Interior of the ferry

The journey from Hong Kong International Airport to Macau Ferry Terminal took approximately 1 hour.

Old folks enjoying the sea view

Another ferry docking at the pier

After getting clearance from the Immigration Check points. We have stepped in the soil of Macau.

As everyone know, Macau is famous for its casinos.

Sands..I think it should be called Gold Sands..or Red Sand because of the glowing red colour

I am excited to see the city of Macau

It make you feels like you are in Las Vegas of Asia.

Before we head back our accommodation, we were brought to Rocks Hotel for buffet style dinner.

Front view of Rocks Hotel

Nice Architecture Features/Finishes/Design

The hotel is nice. So does the interior. Very classy.

Dining Area

Dinner accompany with sunset.

A rose with my model

I didn't take any photos of the food over there. They are all simple Portuguese dishes. 

I personally feel that it taste more like Chinese food.

So lets head out for the night views.

Night View of Macau City

Another Night View

One of the bridge linking the 3 islands in Macau

After having a nice dinner, we moved on to check into our hotel - The Best Western Taipa Hotel.

On our way back, we passed by The Sands again. This time with lights on!

The Sands with lights on!

The colour of different lights reflect on the building is truly amazing.

The colour lights

There was a short trip around town with all the great casinos shine with their own beautiful lightings.

However, I wasn't able to take any pictures because we were traveling by bus.

It has been a tiring day traveling whole day from Kota Kinabalu to Macau, transit via Hong Kong International Airport by ferry.

Less talk, bed time. Ready for next day.

It was a good sleep and we woke up early. We saw one of our colleagues' son was a bit impatient..

"Where's everybody?"

Everyone in the group arrived at the lobby shortly after that.

First tourist spot of the day, Temple of Ah-Ma.

To Temple of Ah-Ma

'Ah Ma' is the goddess worshipped by the locals. 

In the old days, most locals were fishermen and they believe that the goddess will protect them from disasters and safe journey on land and on sea.

Therefore, this temple was built on a strategic location on a hill side which oversee the whole Macau.
Main Entrance into Temple of Ah-Ma

Another worship point

I don't understand what it mean..it feels like there is a great aura coming from the rocks?

Nice carvings on the roof edge

On our way down, we saw these wishing balls hanging all round a spot.

There are a lot of wishes by the people who visited the temple.

With different languages. 
Wishing Balls

And yea, we have our wishes too. LOL.

Lets hope this work..

After visiting Temple of Ah-Ma, we headed out to a bakery store just around the corner.

There you are, the famous Portuguese Tart.

The Must-Not-Miss Famous Portuguese Egg Tart

The Portuguese Egg Tart is a must try.

The crispy skin, the sweet egg yolk with no disturbing fragrance (for those who do not like the smell of combination dairy and egg, ok? Think straight!)

In front of a local famous bakery store.

Besides the Portuguese Egg Tart, they also have other a lot of varieties of cookies, biscuits, snacks, dried meat etc.

Portuguese Egg Tart Young Ambassador

The kid was just simply enjoying himself. 

Macau also produce ice creams I believe. But I never get the chance to try it. 

Maybe yes. Maybe no..

Macau Delicacies = Ice Cream..(No, I didn't try)

Along our way back to the bus, there are interesting murals drawn.

They do emphasize on cleanliness of the environment.

From the mural, I think they are really serious about it. Good job for a clean city.

Do not litter! Or else saman 600 and red card?

That's it for Temple of Ah-Ma. 

Quite a sacred place and full of people almost all the time.

We were then brought to Macau Tower for Lunch.

The 360 Cafe.

The 360 Cafe

The Best Buffet with the Best views Around.

Of course they have the best view if I get to sit like the couple in their poster.

Next, Macau Tower and The Ruins of St Paul!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Celebration of Rice Dumplings and the Trip to..?

It's that time of year again. It's DuanWu Festival, aka 端午节. Almost all chinese fellows throughout the world would gather around with their family for dinner, and eat rice dumplings, aka 裹粽. Just like the one below:

Rice Dumplings

Note the yellowish egg yolk in it. Superb quality egg yolk I would say.

Too bad. It's for your eyes only as that can be only found in Hong Kong International Airport.

Yes, Hong Kong International Airport. Don't believe it? Here's my proof.
Boarding Passes to Hong Kong

We were asked to come to the airport early for group check in. So I wandered around with my camera.

Ceilings of KKIA Airport

My Model reading her story book while waiting for departure

After 3 hours long of flight, we finally arrived our flight destination. Hong Kong International Airport.

I am personally amazed by the infrastructure and superstructure they have here.

Hong Kong International Airport Transit Lounge

However, we need to wait for another few hours for another trip. *Gasp* Where are we going?

Group Leader asking for directions..

Group members awaiting further instructions..

What we want now is a place to sit down and recharge our energy. I saw this attractive bottles in Mannings.

Vitamin Drinks..Colorful isn't it?

Flight Information Screen

It's a extremely busy day for Hong Kong International Airport. In fact, they are busy everyday.

Waiting is a pain

Everyone is waiting. What are we waiting?

Ferry Terminal Information Screen

YES! This is it! We are waiting for the ferry 8S125 bound to Macau to open!

Beautiful WC. Let me know if you want to know what is that guy up to.

Directions to Ferry Terminal.

That escalator is going up and up and up. About 5 storey high.
No way I am going to stop isn't it?
A warm 'pit stop' by Starbucks before boarding the ferry

Open sesame! To the Ferry!

Yea. We are about to head to our final destination on a super high speed ferry.

This ferry can carry approximately 200++ passengers from Hong Kong International Airport Ferry Terminal to Macau Ferry Terminal in 1 hour.

The ferry is just behind us.

That is very fast compare to our ferry service back in my hometown :|

FYI, this is a trip arranged by our company. A 5 days 4 nights trip visiting Macau and Hong Kong.

Will post more photos soon.

Now, eat your 裹粽 and wish your friends and family happy 端午节.

PS: You may refer to the first photo if your 裹粽 is not tasty.

Leave a comment if you are doing the exact same thing I'm doing :P

Again, happy 端午节!!