Saturday, September 18, 2010

Congratulations to Edmund Quak and Cee Yi!

There were delays for updating my next blog title about my trip to Jungfraujoch: Top of Europe.

But I have to go off track a little bit because my friend Mr Edmund Quak had just joined the Grown Up Men's Club officially last night.

Congratulations again from Jenny and myself! You two looked awesome!

We were happy to be there for your 'Big Day' and the food were great too.

I hope you two enjoy the photos as much as I do. :D

The 'photos' in the photo above were the work by All About Love Wedding Photography
I only did a bit of recomposition.

The reception was great and cosy. 

We were served with good food and catch up with some old friends.

This was my first attempt too in a wedding event photography.

The photos were not too bad after all. But I think I have a rough idea how should I polish my skills.

Once again, congratulation to you both Mr & Mrs Edmund Quak and all the best to your new future! 

Proud of you man!!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Revisit Geneva, Switzerland 2010

Hello Geneva! Here I come again.

The last time I went to Switzerland was in December 2004 with a group of friends.

It was freezing.

But now, its summer. It was freaking hot like hell. Hotter than Malaysia!

Nevertheless, nothing have changed.

It's beauty remained the same.

The Jet d'Eau

The Jet d'Eau - Another View

Family Gathering at the Jet d'Eau

To my ex-adventurers mates: Hey Fellas.

Its SUMMER!! Bet you guys never seen so many people on the street!

Anyway, all we can see is people hanging around on the street enjoying the good weather.

You can see people sun bathing.

You can see people enjoying water sports activities.

Including swimming in the lake even they warned you not to.

To wrap it all up, it is a nice place to have a vacation.

Duckies getting laid and hence ducklings. Hmm...all happened in summer.

"It's getting hot in here, so take off all your clothes?" 

Careful, or else you will have many children following you if you doesn't take any precautions. LOL

The night view of Geneva is peaceful and quiet unlike Hong Kong.

For your information, Geneva is the headquarters of the United Nation and Red Cross. 

It's time to Google or Wikipedia 'Geneva' if you guys wanted to know more about it. 

Palais des Nations

Water Fountains in front of the United Nation Headquarters

Front Entrance of Palais des Nations: Can you spot Malayia's Flag?

The Red Cross Museum

Up Next is Interlaken and The Top Of Europe: Jungfraujoch!!

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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Liverpool and Albert Docks

Ahoy ahoy and touched down at Manchester Airport.

Well, Manchester is not our first destination.

Manchester Airport Train Station

We need to get to Liverpool Lime Street Train Station first and settle down with the luggageSSSS.

Liverpool Lime Street. 9.35am On Time

Liverpool Lime Street Train Station

Since we arrived Liverpool early on a lovely Sunday morning, we all decided to have a walk around town.

In front of 'Dunno What Name' Museum :D

To get to know the surroundings.

Quiet Street on a Sunday Morning

Radio City Tower

And the shopping centres!! LoL

And Apple Store for you mac's freaks!

And Liverpool Official Club Store!

We marked down the shops and we'll be back later for the shoppings.

First thing first, we did not fly all the way to UK for shopping.

We need to get dressed for my sister's convocation for the next day.

The best stylist doing at her very best :D

The convocation took place in one of the oldest cathedral in Liverpool city.

We were there quite early and not many people arrived yet.

FYI, it was never a free entrance into the convocation event. So my partner and I have a little bit of photoshoot around the area.
Liverpool China Town

Jaguar Figurine

Surviving in a Harsh Environment

After approximately 1 hour later, its time for the most important moment for a group of graduates.

To fling the convocation hat up high as if you don't need it anymore!!

Throw Throw Throw!

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate my sister and her uni-mates for graduating! 

Best of luck to the future ahead of you.

That's that. And this has marked the beginning of our holiday/adventure/tour.

The next place we headed to the day after the convocation is Albert Dock's

The dock is a very beautiful place to visit with a lot of museums and exhibitions.

Most of them are free entrance unless stated otherwise.

Albert Dock's Front View 

Inside Albert Docks

You guys do know that there are many talented music artist came from Liverpool yea?

For example, Paul McCartney.

Rock Guitar Case dedicated to Sir Paul McCartney

'The Yellow Submarine' by the BEATLES!

Believe it or not. They do have a yellow submarine. 

On the road.

And in the water.

I then realiased its a amphibious vehicle.

It reminds me of the Hovercraft in the Command and Conquer series. :P

Enjoy the rest of the photos while we were in Albert Docks.

When History and Modern Merged

Fire Escape Stairways?

Up Next: Revisit to Switzerland!!

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Have a nice day!