Saturday, September 18, 2010

Congratulations to Edmund Quak and Cee Yi!

There were delays for updating my next blog title about my trip to Jungfraujoch: Top of Europe.

But I have to go off track a little bit because my friend Mr Edmund Quak had just joined the Grown Up Men's Club officially last night.

Congratulations again from Jenny and myself! You two looked awesome!

We were happy to be there for your 'Big Day' and the food were great too.

I hope you two enjoy the photos as much as I do. :D

The 'photos' in the photo above were the work by All About Love Wedding Photography
I only did a bit of recomposition.

The reception was great and cosy. 

We were served with good food and catch up with some old friends.

This was my first attempt too in a wedding event photography.

The photos were not too bad after all. But I think I have a rough idea how should I polish my skills.

Once again, congratulation to you both Mr & Mrs Edmund Quak and all the best to your new future! 

Proud of you man!!


Lawrence L said...

The first photo the flash a bit harsh.. Other photo you can try to play around with the color temperature..

I like the #6 photo..

Lik Kuan Shim said...

Yea, u r right :p I noticed tat too. Thnx for the advice.
Hope you like the photos too.

Wenni Donna said...

Many congratulations for your big day. Pleased to see such exotic color combinations. There are so many beautiful venue NYC near our place and it's difficult to finalize one for our graduation party. Want to celebrate our achievements with great pomp and happiness. Food menu and drinks will all be decided by my best friend.

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