Sunday, August 29, 2010

Goodbye Singapore. Hello Munich. See You Tomorrow in Manchester

Hello world.

It's been awhile I last blogged about my whereabouts.

It was a busy month for me in July and August.

First of all, I wish to congratulate my little sister for finishing her degree in Pharmacy. (welcome to the harsh world)

Myself, My Sis, My Partner

We will talk more about that later in the next coming blog ok guys?

Now, it was busy in July because we were preparing our trip to the United Kingdom to attend my sister's convocation. Thats why I was pretty M.I.A for awhile.

We travelled to Singapore via Silk Air, and then transfer to Manchester, United Kingdom...via Munich, Germany.

We have approximately 8 hours of free time in beautiful city of Singapore. 

Unfortunately we do not have the leisure time to visit the town centre other than have a simple lunch and head back to the airport.

While waiting our departure flight to Manchester, I took some pictures around the airport.

Very organized rubbish bin

Puzzles for Passengers who has plenty of time..(like us) LoL

A kid was pressing the stamp pad very hard just to get the unique design pattern on the the paper

It was a 8 hours long waiting time. 

How can you not eat in 8 hours right? 

So we start to eat our snacks we bring from back home.


Munch munch...hmmm.. It was no good. 

It did not help much to satisfy the tummy. They asked for more.

Even More Hungry!!

So...let's hav something meaty then. LoL

I like the above picture. As if I was starved for days and rushing out for the food out from a cave!

After having our dimsum as supper, it's time to head over to the departure gate for security checking. 

And we found massage chairs along the way.

Best of all, its FREE!!

Changi Airport has OSIM massage chair throughout the terminal.

No way I will miss out using the OSIM Massage chair man.

Oh...I still can remember the comfort after having both my legs and feet massaged :D

The flight from Singapore to Munich took approximately 11 hours.

The weather was fine and plenty of on board entertainment.

You won't get bored if you cant sleep throughout the flight.

After 11 hours of torturing with babies crying and people's snoring, welcome to Munich, Germany!

Transit to Manchester.. Follow the sign please~

It was 5am in the morning local time. 

Shops were not open and you can only see the menu but you cant order them yet.

White Sausage, pretzels and beer? wow~?

The morning at Munich Airport is quiet and peaceful. 

The transit time at Munich Airport is only approximately 1 hour.

We were back to our seats before we knew it as time pass by so fast.
Sunrise at Munich Airport, Germany.

The flight from Munich Airport to Manchester Airport is approximately 2 hours.

And here we are, Manchester Airport, United Kingdom.

It has been 4 years when I last came here, sending off my sister to university for further study.

Train Station at Manchester Airport, UK

And here I am again. Welcoming her back home.

Am I a great brother or what? LoL

Up next: Liverpool Albert Docks


Jlo said... and the pisang chips =.="

bOcy said...

i see you're wearing the same old school hoody. bad ass

Lik Kuan Shim said...

Jlo: Dont worry. You look good with it :D
bOcy: yea, wait till you see the rest of my trip. I promise they will make you remember everything back in the old days. :)

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