Friday, July 9, 2010

New Toy - Polarizing Filter

It was a pleasant trip organized by my company to Macau and Hong Kong.

However, I still do not find satisfaction of my pictures taken. 

It seems like the colours are pale and not attractive enough.

( is really a great website to understand the basics of digital photography.)

Oh yeahh~ I got myself a polarizing filter!

HOYA Polarizing Filter

It says at the back of the cover that the polarizing filter eliminates reflections and increases contrast and colour saturation.

Well, let's check it out.
Close up of Polarizing Filter

We can see that  the image we get is darker and more colour enhanced in a way when we see through the polarizing filter.

Again, 'nuf said. Let's get down to real application.

The photo below was taken without using the polarizing filter. 

Bright and dull.

Before using a Polarizing Filter

The effect is slightly different when we use the polarizing filter.

Effects of using Polarizing Filter

It worked!! Blue sky and white cloud is really well enhanced.

Some of the pictures I have taken using the polarizing filter.

Testing the Polarizing Filter on a Dried Fish Maw


The polarizing filter is indeed useful to enhance the colour for a landscape photograph.

I can't wait to test it out for my next trip.


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