Sunday, October 3, 2010

My Watermark Logo

Since I am doing a lot of photography works lately, I decided that I need to come up with licensing issue.

Something that represent my work.

Something to brand my work.

Something that will catch people's attention.

I used to watermark my photos with simple wordings like 'S.L.K Pix'

That's just something simple. 

And I seek help from a friend, Kaesen, who i think has more creative ideas better than I do.

He came up with THIS!!

I love this logo very much!

I will buy you lunch I promise ok? LoL

Anyway, my first try using the logo looks good. Probably need a bit of enhancement.

Maybe next time.

I'll stick to this style for now. And yea, I took that picture approximately 3500m above mean sea level.

Up next is Top Of Europe: Jungfraujoch!

And hey Kaesen, thanks again for the logo!


Jlo said...

Kudos *Cheers* the logo might need a bit of touch up tho, some make-ups, LOL! Huggz

Lik Kuan Shim said...

pls help!! T-T

Anonymous said...

hahaa~!! will put on some makeup for it.
sabar ya nak~

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