Monday, October 18, 2010

Lucerne - Magnificent City With A Lake

Hello again dear fellow readers.

If you love Switzerland, you must not miss another beautiful city which surrounding a lake.

Most visitors will drop by Lucerne to enjoy the city next to a lake.

Swans too.

When you arrive Lucerne, you will not miss the popular iconic structure - The Chapel Bridge.

The bridge links both side of the lake without going around it to get to the other side.

Simply beautiful.

To my surprise, we were lucky enough to encounter a truck loaded with lemonade.

Best of all, its free!!

The locals approach the truck and start throw the bottles to their mates. Because they are free!

Of course, we went over to grab a few bottle to try.

rivella (I think that's how it was spelt) - They tasted like lemonade.

Just the right thing after a long walk along the lake side. :D

After having our good time at the bridge, we decided to climb up higher through the neighborhood to enjoy the overall view of Lucerne.

There you go. Its quite hard to find places like this which have a lake side accompanied by the view of the mountains.

The followings are the shots I took when we are on the way down to the train station.

Oh, before I forget.

They do have some nice pastries, thruffles, chocolates and cakes.


Fresh and tasty huh!?

They are really good to my taste.

Not too sweet. *Thumbs up*

You just to keep remind yourself to have a very positive mind.

How do you do that?

Drink mineral water, ok? Everything is gonna be OK!!

Just kidding, I don't know whats the real meaning of the label.

Maybe someone out there can share to us perhaps? :D

Gonna show you guys my shots during my stay in Interlaken next!

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