Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Hong Kong

Hong Kong here I come.

After having a 2 days 1 night in Macau, we arrived back in Hong Kong.

It is a very busy city. So busy that the people keep moving around as they are restless.

Homo Sapienssssssssssss

We arrived Hong Kong in the afternoon and we were soon transferred to a local restaurant for lunch.

Soon after that, we checked into Eaton Hotel at Nathan Road. 

We certainly didn't expect such a comfortable room in the heart of Hong Kong.

Cozy bedroom with a good view and LCD Tv.

They have a small garden and a koi pond which makes the hotel ..environmental friendly. 

A Koi Pond at the lobby

Sun bathing tortoise

We had a short break getting refresh and all set for the afternoon self-arranged trip.

To Tung Choi Street a.k.a. Ladies' Market.

Road Signage to Ladies' Street

For your information, Tung Choi Street, or well known as Ladies' Market is a street of paradise for ladies.

Look at the smile :)

You can find bags, T-shirts, pants, accessories and almost everything u can wear here.

Accessories and T-shirts stall


Wrist band stall

It did not take too long for the group to look at the merchandise. And...

Trying on wristband


Leather wrist band

Tung Choi Street is a very long street full with stalls selling a lot of things.

However, when it comes to the end of the street, u can find food stalls and drinks.

You can get food.

And drinks.

Mineral Water/Beer/Green Tea

Soon after that, we headed to The Peak. 

The tram will bring us up to the top of a hill where they say its the best place for night views of Hong Kong.

Tram crowded with people

It was raining that night :( 

But it didn't stop me from taking a few pictures of the amazing night views of Hong Kong.

It was exhausted to travel in the rain but everything worth it.

A picture is worth a thousand words.

You might ask me, did we go to Disneyland Hong Kong?

Oh yea! 

Note the window and handler *Mickey*

I'm sorry I didn't took much pictures of Disneyland due to some technical error. 

Please don't ask. Sigh.

On that very same day, we rushed back to Hong Kong to witness the Symphony of Light at The Avenue of Stars.

The Avenue of Stars have foot prints and hand prints on concrete blocks on the ground along the avenue. 

Yes. That's a professional filming device...in bronze. Gotcha!

This certain star should be quite well known to us all.

Bruce Lee's Memorial Point. No hand prints. Guessed he didn't have the chance to leave one.

Bruce Lee's bronze statue.

To be honest, we arrived quite early to the Avenue of Stars and we got ourself a good spot.


It's also a good opportunity to take some long exposure's night view. It was pretty good I would say.

Oh. I brought something for myself in Hong Kong.


Welcome to Little Dog Lane folks!


Jlo said...

ahakss! Nice exposure, Heart it <3

Lik Kuan Shim said...

Ahaksss! Thanks!

I'm researching how to take even better pictures.

Stay tune!

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