Sunday, July 4, 2010

Macau Part II and The Venetian

Here we are. All of us at Macau Tower waiting to go have our buffet lunch.

Ground Floor of Macau Tower. With a MINI Macau Tower.

Macau Tower has 61 floors. However, we can only reach the 360 Cafe at the 60th Floor.

61st Floor is meant STRICTLY for extreme sports activities....

Bungy Jump? Sky Jump? Skywalk X? Mast Climb? *Gulp*

And for those who want to enjoy the last view of Macau/Earth (Just joking, please do not try that over there. I could not bear such heavy responsibility for any incident happen XD)

The 360 Cafe occupied the 60th Floor. It is a revolving restaurant at the core of the Macau Tower. 

A similar example is just like the Atmosphere Restaurant over here in Kota Kinabalu Sabah.


You could not deny that they claimed the 'best buffet with the best view around'.

This is why.

The restaurant serves all range of great food from western to eastern. 

Japanese Food Counter

Varieties of Dim-Sum

Roast Pork, Char Siew, Steam Chicken for Non-halal

Fruity Fruits Selection

Dessert in a cup

While having their delicious food, you get to enjoy the view of Macau at any angle while the restaurant revolving.

The lunch was satisfying. You get to taste local food and also 'international' food.

Time to move on to the famous St Paul Ruins!

St Paul Ruins

Front Steps of St Paul Ruins

A job well done by the government of Macau to preserve such historic site.

The ruins has only left the front/main entrance of St Paul Cathedral. 

It still attracted the crowds to gather around here to enjoy the view.

We then moved on down the street towards Macau City Hall and a saw this graffiti/logo

The logo has a chain and two spanners which aligned like an 'A'. Reminds me of the game 'Assassin Creed: Brotherhood' by Ubisoft Inc. (AC's fan, this point is the entrance to a hidden treasure of the century! LoL!)

It's a Hot Hot day. And trying to be Cool.

In front of Macau City Hall

Crowds in front of the City Hall.

There is a shop selling Steam Milk just around the corner. Very recommended by the locals.

Rumor says that it can make your skin so white and smooth that even a fly will slip when landed on your skin.

Steam Milk with Red Bean Toppings

We continued to venture the city and headed to a casino which operated by Jacky Chan. 

Hmm, I'm not attracted by Jacky Chan. Its the gold and jewelleries they kept there for display.

"World BIGGEST Diamond!" says the tour guide.

999.9 1kg Gold Bar with many many big diamonds. Real? 

One is fascinating right? What about a whole bunch of them lying on the floor?

Nuf' said. 

Lets move on to The Venetian.

Buses to The Venetian

The Venetian is a very grand and luxury place to stay. 

Look at it from the outside, you can tell that it's no simple casino.

The Venetian at night. Credit to JLo

At the main entrance, you can feel that you are somewhere in Italy.

The arts, the carvings, the design. Marvelous. 

The Venetian is designed in a way that the place has almost everything.

Besides casino,

They have shops for branded stuff.

They have food.

They even have artificial sky that will never go dark!

They want to make that there is no night in the Venetian. It will always as busy as day time and suck all your money into their bank account !

From time to time, they have performances from bands to singers from all over the world.

The Venetian is making me feel like I'm in another town and I can stay there forever.

Nice Instrument. Hollow Body.

I am not much of a gambler so I did not stay long at the Venetian.

But I can do a little bit of 'The Venetian Don't Like' magic.

Hocus Pocus~

Adacadabara~!! Turning Day to Night!

And walk back to hotel to sleep.

Next, Hong Kong!!

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